The accommodation Viterbo8 The Artists House is a set of eight apartments situated on the historical area of Porto city, that has an original and unique concept.

The Viterbo8 The Artists House pays tribute to eight art styles, in the representation of several Portuguese artists and their contribution to the Art in Portugal. The name of the accommodation (Viterbo) pays, also, a tribute to Francisco Marques Sousa Viterbo, a multitalented figure that was born and 1845 and worked on many areas. Sousa Viterbo was a poet, archaeologist, historian, and journalist. 

To stay at Viterbo8 The Artists House is to keep living the city’s spirit, where you can breathe art in every corner, in its various ways. 

The house has an irreverent décor, perfectly in line with the artistic environment that each apartment exudes. Viterbo8 The Artists House can carry you into a dimension where every space and every detail are true masterpieces.

Culture, history and Portuguese traditions are present in the apartments’ littlest details. Your stay will get you to know Portugal in a different and unique perspective in whichever apartment you book, where each apartment represents a part of Portugal’s history and artists that changed its course. 

Get to know our apartments, each one with a different identity, and choose your ideal accommodation according to what kind of Art style you love and identify yourself the most.


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