Ceramics is an art and craft very connected to the city of Porto, since the city specialized itself on the production of ceramics for many years, becoming itself the pioneer of ceramics production and exportation. 

Portuguese ceramics are linked to tiles, something that is very representative of the Portuguese decorative arts. Tiles are in the roots of many Portuguese buildings and despite its influences, the tiling in Portugal built up very specific characteristics: the monumentality, its chromatic richness, the scenic sense and its integration in architecture.

Bordallo Pinheiro is a figure that we link to Portuguese Ceramics, besides tiling, where his unique pieces are a reference of this artistic style and a characteristic trait of the Portuguese identity.

What to visit to do and get to know the Ceramics in Portugal:

Visit to the Miragaia neighborhood; 

From Lóios to Trindade, a tiles lesson;

Through Romanesque trails;  

From S. João da Foz to Castelo do Queijo – the river and the sea;

Carlos Alberto Route in Porto;

Visit to the Vista Alegre Museum in Aveiro; 

Miguel Bombarda – Ceramics studio area; 

Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia’s ceramics factories route; 

Visit to ceramics stores: Nü Coworking Criativo / Potteria / Brâmica;

Casa-museu Guerra Junqueiro; 

Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis; 

Museu Olaria – Barcelos. 

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