Fado is a typical Portuguese musical style, whose appearance raises several theories. Declared UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Fado is a national identity symbol and, also, a treasure of the world. Passed down from generation to generation, the emblematic Portuguese houses keep being this music style’s stage,

where the Fado’s characteristic decoration – the black shawl and the Portuguese guitar – is always present.

When we think about Fado, we automatically think about Amália Rodrigues. Worldwide known as the Fado’s Queen, Amália contributed to the Fado history and started to sing distinguished Portuguese authors poems, something that no one did before, elevating the Portuguese music to international stages.

Places you should visit to experience Fado in Porto city: 

Casa da Guitarra; 

Adega Rio Douro;

Tasquinha D’Ouro 2;

Mal Cozinhado; 

A Vilela; 

Taberna Real do Fado; 

Casa da Mariquinhas; 

A Casa do Fado.

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