The Portuguese Literature is known by its lyric poetry diversity and prose, counting with remarkable representatives that left a lasting impression on the country’s history. The most acclaimed epic work is Os Lusíadas, a masterpiece that dates to the XVI century, written by Luís Vaz de Camões, one of the greatest Portuguese poets and one of the biggest Portuguese-speaking figures. Fernando Pessoa is another Portuguese literature’s unavoidable name, and one of the most striking literary figures of the XX century. José Saramago strongly marked the XX and the XXI centuries, being one of the biggest contemporary prose figures, which became the first and single until this date Literature Nobel Prize in Portuguese, in 1998.

Discovering Porto is also discovering the Portuguese literature through works and writers that were born or lived in the city, and that built a strong connection between Porto and literature. There are several spaces in Porto city that are related to literature, such as the Lello Bookshop, that truly is a must go for Harry Potter fans. However, there are many places in Porto, that might have been a passing point for the writer J.K. Rowling while she lived in the city, such as Café Majestic or Clérigos Tower, whose places are worth visiting.

The Literature and Porto – what you must experience: 

Lello Bookshop;

A Foz e os Escritores;

Cerco Do Porto – O dia em que a Cidade quase caiu;

Visita Ao Bairro De Miragaia - I Parte;

Visita Ao Bairro De Miragaia – II Parte; 

Dos Lóios À Trindade, uma aula de Arquitetura ao vivo;

Na rota do Natal portuense de outrora;

O Porto de Marques da Silva;

O Porto de Júlio Diniz;

O Porto entre guerras 1914 – 1945;

Pelos caminhos do Romântico - I Parte;

Pelos caminhos Do Romântico -II Parte;

O Cerco (de S. João da Foz ao Castelo do Queijo, o rio e o mar);

Na rota de Carlos Alberto no Porto;

Bonfim - pelo bairro do Liberalismo;

Na rota do S. João do Porto;

Casa De Camilo.

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