The Painting in Portugal was always very connected to religion, something that is due to the religious class being the main art customer in Portugal, until the XIX century. However, the Portuguese painting counts with several figures that relied on many schools and artistic fields, transforming those influences into a personal and unique art style.

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso was a Portuguese painter from the first generation of modern painters in Portugal, being the first modern painting reference from the XX century of the country. Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso started as a drawing apprentice, evolving to the modern icon that is today, standing out from the other artists because of his work’s quality, that was not always understood by Portuguese people.  The visual artist and Portuguese painter Júlio Artur da Silva Pomar was also a prominent figure that had an impact on the art in Portugal through his versatile works, focused on painting and involving other styles such as engraving and ceramics, building an outstanding work.

Places that you should visit to see some works of Portuguese Painting:

Júlio Resende Foundation in Valbom; 

Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso Museum in Amarante; 

U.Porto – Faculty of Fine Arts; 

NMAA – Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisboa.

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